Below you’ll find some of the more frequently asked questions about The Jingle Bell Jukebox … we hope these answers help enhance your enjoyments of the website.

Why doesn’t my iPad or iPhone start playing music instantly like my home PC does?
Unfortunately, Apple’s iOS operating system doesn’t understand the Autoplay function like many desktop and laptop PCs do. Just click on the Play button and your player will begin and play continuously.

Why does the player stop playing at times?
This is most often the result of a minute interruption in the signal from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Simple click the Previous button, then the Next button and the player should resume playing smoothly.

I’ve recorded a few holiday songs of my own, can they be included on this website?
We’re always eager to play a part in promoting the music of others. Simple send us a clean mp3 file and we’ll be sure to add it as soon as possible.

Just sayin, ... Christmas 2018 arrives in just -325 Days